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Simone Graziano Trio – Jazz Club

Osteria Tiravino

8 February 2018 @ 21:30

Thursday 8 February 2018 at 9.30 pm

Jazz Club – Osteria Tiravino – Fano, Via Gasparoli, 59


Simone Graziano Trio


Simone Graziano, piano – Francesco Ponticelli, double bass, synth – Enrico Morello, drums

SNAILSPACE is the new album by Simone Graziano released for Auand Records in September 2017.

“Slowness is a form of rebellion.” This idea, born of a story by Sepulveda, where a snail named Rebel, travels in search of the meaning of slowness, is at the basis of SNAILSPACE. Slowness is not related to the speed of the songs, but rather to the time necessary to create them. Snailspace is a search for innovative musical spaces compared to the traditional trio piano.

The instrumentation next to the piano, double bass and drums, sees the use of synths, Fender Rhodes and electronics, never an end in itself but always at the service of musical needs.



Fano Jazz Network
Tel 0721 584321
Cell / Whatsapp 388 6464241


8 February 2018




Fano Jazz Network


Via Gasparoli, 59
Fano, 61032 Italia
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