Fano Jazz by the Sea

21 - 29 July 2017, Fano (ITALY)

Fano and Jazz music, a love as deep…as the sea. The summer festival of Jazz Music and Contemporary Creative Music where to find the best musicians from around the world.

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Jazz Music in summer is Fano Jazz By The Sea

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1993 – 2018

26 Years in Jazz

Green Jazz Village

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Fano Jazz by the Sea is not only Music! Art, cinema, books, food, wine experience, handcrafts, didactic workshops and many other activities in the Jazz Village.

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Live Fano and its surroundings during the Festival

Music, Sea, History, Culture, Traditional Cuisine and many other things to find out. Discover Fano and the magnificent Le Marche territories to live at its best Fano Jazz by the Sea and your summer.

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Contact us at or call us at +39 0721 584321 / +39 388 6464241.
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With your questions and requests you can help us publish the following FAQ!

Fano Jazz Network joins the Mibact and Miur initiatives, 18app and Carta del Docente. The purchase of the tickets for these promotions is possible online thanks to the LiveTicket circuit.

These promotional tickets are available at the Ticket Office of the Teatro della Fortuna, Piazza XX Settembre, Fano. The reservation is possible sending an e-mail to

It is available for the events of Jacob Collier (25/7), Bokantè (26/7), Tigran Hamasyan (27/7), Ida Lupino (28/7). These promotion is effective for under 16 carried by one or two adults who will get a reduced price ticket.

Se hai 25 anni o meno e vuoi portare un amico (dai 17 ai 25 anni) al festival puoi farlo con solo 1 euro di aggiunta. Il tuo biglietto sarà ridotto e quello del tuo amico costerà solo 1 euro.